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A Bad Credit Mortgage is a Simple Alternative to “Big Bank” Mortgage Financing

What is a bad credit mortgage? During 2018 mortgage lending at the biggest banks in the country experienced a major shift. Stricter mortgage lending criteria and stress tests for buyers have changed the landscape of mortgage borrowing. If your bank has recently turned you down for a loan due to a bad credit score, you’re not alone. A bad credit mortgage is an alternative financing solution to a traditional bank mortgage.

Even if you’ve already spoken with a mortgage specialist and still haven’t been able to qualify for a mortgage – you may still have options.

Common Alternatives to Major Bank Mortgages

If your credit is less than perfect, an alternative lender won’t rule you out based on that alone. A mortgage broker will know which products to apply for and who to apply for them with. At LendToday we have access to many lenders who offer alternatives to the big banks.

  • We can connect you with B Lenders and Sub-Prime B Lenders
  • Apply for Home Equity Loans that will be approved
  • Submit your application for a Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Set you up with an accredited Private Mortgage

A bad credit score doesn’t have to knock you out of the game. We have expertise working with plenty of lenders who don’t require you to jump through the same hoops the banks do.

What do I do if bad credit is impacting my Mortgage Refinance?

If it’s time to refinance your home but your current credit score has become a problem for your bank or credit union – it’s time for “plan B”. Apply with us and we’ll work with you to come up with a new plan. A bad credit mortgage can secure the funds you need and protect your home. Don’t worry about finding the money to keep your home – we can help.

Do you know that refinancing your mortgage can be a good financial move – even at a time when your credit score isn’t great?

The truth is, you can improve credit, pay off a consumer proposal or bankruptcy obligation and consolidate debt by refinancing your mortgage. You can refinance to consolidate high interest debts and catch up on past-due bills. If it makes sense and will save you money, you can combine 1st and 2nd mortgages into one to save on interest. A new mortgage can have big impact on your overall financial picture.

Purchasing a New Home with Bad Credit

Purchasing a new home should be an exciting, happy journey. Unfortunately, if you’ve been turned down for financing buying a new house can be stressful.  If you don’t have a down payment of 20% or more saved up it’s very easy for a bank or credit union to say “no” when asked to advance you funds.

Many financial institutions fail to see the potential in helping you settle in to your new home. Our team of experts see the bigger picture and help you discover financing options that will work for you. We work with a variety of lenders and invest in your future today. Today’s investment is really the beginning of a long-term future together. The path to home ownership may come with a few “bumps” in the road, but we can help make things smoother for you.

Get a Bad Credit Mortgage Even with a Past Bankruptcy

Whatever your circumstances know that you’re not alone. We’ve helped countless people just like you to achieve their financing goals – even when they didn’t think it was possible. A financial fresh start is a must in some circumstances. If you’ve needed to free yourself from unsecured debt(s) in the past – we don’t judge. A past bankruptcy or consumer proposal will not hurt your chances of applying for a bad credit mortgage. We can work with you to get the financing you need.

Working with LendToday

Our team of experts have more than 30 years of experience helping people qualify for loans. We work with many alternative lenders. We’ll help you find the right solution for your lending needs.  Even if you don’t qualify with your bank today – we can help you turn things around. We also offer in-house credit repair services. Our graduation process will eventually have you qualifying for a mortgage anywhere you like.

Even if you’ve filed a bankruptcy or consumer proposal, lost your job or maxed out your credit, we can help. Give our team a call and let us show you how to rehabilitate your credit and improve your credit score.

Apply online today and we’ll get you an answer in as few as 24 hours. Living your dreams – we can help with that!