About Us At Lendtoday & How We Get Approvals

About us at LendToday. We understand that applying for a mortgage can seem overwhelming when it does not have to be. Life can be busy and setting time aside to apply for a mortgage may seem impossible. With our team of experts, we make the process easy and fun. We take the time to understand your situation, educate you on mortgage products and find the right mortgage that fits. As a result we’ve helped people just like you. There should always be time to work on your financial future.

We have access to lenders nationwide which allows us to access some of the best rates in the industry. It also gives us an opportunity provide the best financial tools and products available.

We work with clients to get approved for mortgage financing when they feel it may not be possible. We help navigate through the financial decisions that matter to you most. In an ever-changing economy taking the right steps to achieve financial success matters. Our team is here to help no matter what that circumstance. Whether you are behind on bills, property taxes, self-employed with low income, or simply suffering from poor credit we have a solution for you.


Simplifying The Process!

A solution oriented service that works for all!

At LendToday we operate across Canada with a unified service whether in-person, over the phone or online. With access to over 50 lenders we are equipped with the right tools to help you achieve your financial goals. With over 30 years’ in-house experience to offer we can ensure a smooth application process and help you understand how the underwriting works no matter what type of mortgage financing you are looking to arrange.

Our Mission

To find suitable financing tailored to our clients needs no matter what their financial fingerprint looks like today. Working with you for today, tomorrow and your family in the future.

Call toll free 1-855-242-7732 or 365-442-0235 and quote “LendToday.ca