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Get a home equity loan or second mortgage to quickly and effectively get rid of any property tax arrears.

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Avoid severe interest penalties, a tax lien, or the forced sale of your home due to property tax arrears. You’ve been struggling to keep up with all of your financial obligations. You’re not sure how to catch up and your debt keeps growing. Stop accumulating high interest on past due property taxes and bills – we can help.

Getting approved is normally quick and easy. Qualify for a solutions that will help get things back on track. A fast approval means quick access to the cash you need to clear up your taxes right away. Even if your bank, credit union or mortgage specialist has previously rejected your requests for funds, we’ll find the solution that’s right for you.

Any tax debt can grow at an alarming rate. Property tax is no exception, with an enormous interest rate charged if you carry the balance owed month over month. The longer you wait to request a fair payment arrangement with your city/town, the less likely you’ll be able to manage any arrangement. The worst-case scenario if your tax account remains severely past due? Seizure and sale of your property via what’s called a “tax foreclosure”.

It is better to be proactive to avoid a tax foreclosure. If your home is lost due to foreclosure this can impact you in the long and short term. A tax sale can cause damage to credit rating; impacting your ability to qualify for anything. In addition, most mortgage loan providers will be hesitant to offer you another mortgage in the future. Getting the best approval is about having a great track record and a property tax foreclosure simply doesn’t help matters. By addressing the situation right away it shows character.

If you’ve fallen behind in property taxes get in touch with your city or town and find out exactly how much you owe. Next, contact one our specialists to review your options and to help you finalize a solution that fits today.

Our word is good, but the word of all of the people we’ve helped find solutions to clear up tax arrears and get back on track is even better. Read our client testimonials below and give us a call to discuss your needs and what mortgage solutions we have available for you.

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Property Tax Arrears

I just want to say thank you so much for helping us with our refinancing as it was a pleasure working with you. I will definitely refer you to our family and friends should they need a mortgage broker. Have a great weekend!

Lisa Hobbs
Property Tax Arrears

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks again! I just looked at my new amortization schedule and I am so glad I made the initial call to you. My mortgage is going to be paid off 6 years sooner and I am saving $700 per month.

Brian P
Property Tax Arrears

I can’t believe we put off refinancing our home as long as we did. Looking back at what we were paying and what we are paying now makes me want to cry. We are saving over $1300 per month in payments. Thanks again for everything you did!

Kevin B