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Canada-Wide Private Mortgages

Private mortgages shouldn’t intimidate anyone. Yet, for some people, the idea of applying for a mortgage outside of a bank is a little scary. Finding a private mortgage lender can be easier if you use the help of a qualified mortgage expert to guide you through the process. Our mortgage brokers are experienced in selecting a private lender for your mortgage needs. We also have many connections in the lending world that you can use to your advantage.

At LendToday, we believe in getting the best private mortgages for our clients and that means the most competitive rates. Even if you’ve got issues with credit or income – we’ll find the best interest rate for you.

Why You Should Consider Private Mortgage Financing

First of all, there is flexibility – no other mortgage lending arrangement will be as flexible as what a private lender may be able to offer you. So, if you need a flexible financing solution, a private mortgage may be the way to go.

By comparison with regular institutionalized lenders, a private lender will weigh his/her criteria and decision heavily on home equity. Your income and credit score will be less important than your equity position. As a result, having equity is essential – bad credit or low income takes a backseat. If these are concerns that worry you about qualifying for a mortgage, consider a private mortgage.

We Can Help – Even if You’ve Been Bankrupt

You may have heard rumours that filing bankruptcy will “ruin your credit forever.” We can assure you this is not true. If you’ve been bankrupt or filed a consumer proposal in the past, we can still help you find financing. Your credit history is less important than your equity position. You can even use a private mortgage as an opportunity to rebuild your credit and improve your credit score. Let us help you restore your confidence in your credit bureau report.

Since a past bankruptcy doesn’t impact your chances with a private lender, there is no harm in applying with a mortgage broker’s help. What have you got to lose? If your current mortgage is due and you’re worried that a past bankruptcy will impact renegotiating with your bank – call us for refinancing solutions.

Private Mortgages – The Benefits

In addition to flexibility (which is one of the best benefits to a private mortgage) there are other reasons to consider applying. For example, interest only payments can give you some much needed breathing room. A temporary influx of cash into your monthly budget can help you pay off other bills or survive a layoff from work. Here are some of the other benefits private mortgages can offer you:

  • Offering short to longer term options
  • Options for interest only repayment terms
  • Turnaround time of as little as 1 week (depending on the lender)
  • Minimal documentation requirements

We can often obtain approval for a private mortgage much faster than if you were to go through your bank or credit union. The terms of a private mortgage are flexible, and designed to get you and your family back on your feet. If you’ve been struggling with financial trouble, you could get the boost that you need to make it through.

Private Lenders and Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage brokers and private lenders work together to meet the demands of clients just like you. Essentially, it is the mortgage broker’s in-depth knowledge of what lenders want that allows them to save a lot of time. We won’t submit your application to a lender we don’t think will approve you – wasting both their time and yours. We get straight down to business and appeal to the lenders we know will fit with your specific circumstances.

By zoning in on your needs (and the needs of lenders of private mortgages) we can get your loan approved much faster and avoid the pitfalls of dealing with rejections.

Working with LendToday

Our team of experts have more than 30 years of experience helping people secure private mortgages. We work with many alternative lenders. We’ll help you find the right solution for your lending needs.  Even if you don’t qualify with your bank today – we can help you turn things around. We also offer in-house credit repair services. Our graduation process will eventually have you qualifying for a mortgage anywhere you like.

Even if you’ve filed a bankruptcy or consumer proposal, lost your job or maxxed out your credit, we can help. Give our team a call and let us show you how to rehabilitate your credit and improve your credit score.

Apply online today and we’ll get you an answer in as few as 24 hours. Living your dreams – we can help with that!