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Getting your own Farmland isn’t Impossible; We Can Make It Happen!

Getting your own Farmland isn’t Impossible; We Can Make It Happen!

Being approved for a farm mortgage loan to buy agricultural land in Canada can be challenging. But don't worry! With over 20 years of experience, our Farm & Agriculture Mortgage Brokers can help you get the land you’ve always wanted for your farming and agriculture venture.

LendToday has access to extensive agricultural mortgage products that allows us to offer our clients a wide range of financing options. With an 80% approval rate, we have the right experience and knowledge to get you approved quickly and easily.

Here are the types of agricultural financing we can provide:

What Makes Our Farm & Agriculture Mortgage Service Different from Others?

We understand the importance of personalized customer service when it comes to something as important as purchasing a farm. Here are the advantages of working with us:

High Approval Rate, Even with Bad Credit

We work and partner with the top agricultural lenders in Canada. This often allows us to secure approvals within 24 hours, whether you have a bad or good credit history.

Fast and Easy Farm Mortgage Process

Our intimate knowledge of lender requirements coupled with our robust network of mortgage brokers is the winning combination to help get your agricultural mortgage approved.

Flexible Terms Available for Your Convenience

We understand that agricultural projects are often time-sensitive, so we offer flexible terms to ensure you can complete your project on time.

20 Years of Serving People for Their Mortgage Needs

Our years of service and experience make us well-equipped and confident to handle your agricultural mortgage needs.

Looking to Buy Land? We Can Lend a Hand!

We are the best agricultural mortgage broker in Canada. If you need assistance with your agriculture land mortgage loan, from application to approval, we’ve got you covered!

What Is a Farm Mortgage?

A farm mortgage is a loan given to farmers specifically for the purchase of farmland, buildings associated with the farm, or other farming-related investments. Farm mortgages can also finance improvements on existing properties or expansions onto new land.

Farm mortgage interest rate options are:

How Do Farm Mortgages Work in Canada?

Agricultural businesses are located across the country, and agricultural mortgages are available to all Canadian farmers regardless of location.

There are some notable differences between farm and residential mortgages, and these are:

Interest rates: Farm mortgages often have higher interest rates than home loans.

Flexibility: Farm loan lenders are more flexible than residential lenders when it comes to meeting the unique needs of farmers, such as seasonality and peak periods.

Requirements and qualifications: Farm mortgage loans typically require a higher down payment than residential mortgages and additional information to assess the loan risk.

What is a Canadian Agricultural Loan Commonly Used For?

A Canadian agricultural loan is often used to purchase or improve farmland, buildings connected with the farm, and other farming-related businesses. Here are some unique benefits of agricultural loans:

Providing Farm Mortgage Services throughout Canada

We have access to the most affordable agricultural mortgage products across Canada. Whether you're looking to finance a small family farm, or a large commercial agricultural business anywhere in Canada, our brokers can help.

Here are the service areas we serve:

We can often obtain approval for a private mortgage much faster than if you were to go through your bank or credit union. The terms of a private mortgage are flexible, and designed to get you and your family back on your feet. If you’ve been struggling with financial trouble, you could get the boost that you need to make it through.

Our Recent Approved Projects

Recently approved and funded in Highgate, Ontario

Mortgage: $1,200,000.00

Loan to value: 80%

The Canadian Agricultural Loans Act Program

The Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) Program guarantees loans to farmers and agricultural co-operatives to seize market opportunities and help reenergize the Canadian agricultural sector. These loans especially benefit farmers who want to establish, improve, or develop their farms.

The CALA protects lenders by guaranteeing that the federal government will repay 95% of a net loss on an eligible loan. The total amount that can be loaned for any one farm operation is $500,000.

The loan amount can be:

The maximum amount that can be loaned to agricultural co-operatives by the Minister is $3 million.

For example, a farmer can access up to $300,000 for a tractor with a CALA loan. He can still get up to $200,000 for land purchase or building repair money and an additional $50,000 for another implementation.

Ontario Farm Financing

The Ontario government made two changes in 2021 that will make their farm financing program more effective for farmers.

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Farm and Agricultural Mortgage Loan FAQs

The main difference between a regular acreage mortgage and a farm mortgage is that the latter is specifically tailored to rural properties, such as farms. Traditional acreage mortgages may cover various land types, while farm mortgages are designed to finance agricultural properties and businesses.

Yes, you can. If you plan to take out an agriculture loan on your land, you must contact a professional private mortgage broker to discuss your options. A mortgage broker can provide advice and assistance in finding the best loan to fit your needs.

No, land loans are not just for farmers. Anyone who owns a rural property can benefit from the help of a professional mortgage broker to find the perfect loan that they need. Depending on your unique situation, an experienced farm and agricultural mortgage broker can help you find the best loan solution for agricultural use or related purposes.   

Contact LendToday to discuss the available financial options if you want to arrange a mortgage loan to buy a farm or for agricultural-related requirements.   

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Farm & Agriculture Land Mortgage in Canada

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