David Cumberbatch

David is the co-founder of LendToday and has received several high-achievement awards throughout his years in the industry. Awards such as top young gun, highest volume and units, and 5-star customer service. With a passion for technology and finance, he has had the great honour of working in the mortgage and finance business for 15+ years. To better serve his community, David works tirelessly to educate himself on the residential and commercial industry. Spending time aligning with the best lenders in the market to provide suitable products and services to help his team and clients achieve their goals.
All About Power of Sale Canada

All About Power of Sale For A Mortgage in Canada

Understanding Mortgage Power of Sale in Canada The concept of mortgage power of sale can be complex and intimidating for Canadian homeowners, especially when facing financial difficulties. However, with comprehensive knowledge and guidance, navigating through this process becomes more manageable.

Home Equity Loans and Personal Loans

Personal Loans and Home Equity Loans for Canadian Homeowners

Personal Loans and Home Equity Loans for Canadian Homeowners In the world of money matters, Canadian homeowners often face tough choices, especially when dealing with bad credit and the impact of rising prices on their finances. It’s crucial to understand

Reverse Mortgage Loans

How Reverse Mortgage Loans Work

How Reverse Mortgage Loans Work In the realm of Canadian real estate, reverse mortgage loans have emerged as a noteworthy financial tool, particularly for homeowners aged 55 and above. These loans offer a unique avenue for individuals to leverage the

Missed Mortgage Payments

What Happens If You Can’t Pay Your Mortgage

What Happens If You Can’t Pay Your Mortgage  Homeownership in Canada is rewarding and a significant milestone for many. However, with the privilege of owning your home comes great responsibility. Life throws the unexpected at you – financial hardship, job

Collateral Mortgages

How Mortgage Collateral Works; A Comprehensive Guide

How Mortgage Collateral Works; A Comprehensive Guide In the world of Canadian real estate and finance, understanding how mortgage collateral functions is crucial for anyone looking to purchase property or refinance existing loans.  This comprehensive guide will delve into the

A Canadian Tale of Conquering Property Tax Arrears

  Picture this: you’ve worked hard to secure a place to call home, nestled in the heart of Ontario. The familiar sights and sounds of your neighbourhood bring comfort, but one day, an unexpected burden arrives—property tax arrears.  It’s a

Equity Loan Mortgages

Understanding Home Equity Loans in Ontario Canada

Home equity loans can be a powerful financial tool, providing a substantial boost when used wisely. In this blog, you’ll learn more about maximizing the benefits of home equity loans. We’ll guide you through how to use them, and share

surviving financially by planning what to do during economic recession

How to Survive Financially During an Economic Recession

The health of the economy is unpredictable and economic recessions are all too frequent. During these times, many Canadians find it challenging to make ends meet, especially as salaries may remain stagnant while prices continue to rise. Fortunately, there are

Second Mortgage Calculator

Second Mortgage Calculator: How Much Can I Borrow?

Second Mortgage Calculator: How much can I borrow? In 2008 the financial market faced a crisis, and the property market was also under the crash. The thing is, the housing market did survive and many people actually came out of 2008 wealthier because

Bad Credit Mortgage Ontario

Banks Who Will Approve A Bad Credit Mortgage in Ontario

There are several mortgage lenders and banks who will approve a bad credit mortgage in Ontario. Bad credit is no stranger to many folks, and nearly 20% of Canadians have an “extreme” or “bad” credit score. This makes it difficult to get

Home Equity Calculator

Home Equity Loan Calculator: How Much Do I Qualify For?

Consider using the equity in your home to consolidate debts, complete renos and more. You can leverage the equity in your home to borrow money to pay for significant expenses or consolidate debts by getting a home equity loan. Equity