How Do You Pay Property Tax Due Without Unnecessary Charges

paying the property tax due without any charges

To free yourself of costly late fees, penalties, and other unnecessary charges, promptly paying your property tax bill is essential. Fortunately, there are a few ways to pay your property taxes quickly and efficiently.

This blog post outlines how you can quickly settle your yearly property taxes, so you don’t have to worry about any additional costs down the line!

What is Property Tax?

Depending on the location of a property, real estate taxes are collected by the government at the provincial and local levels.

Property taxes will vary by location and by property type. It is important to consider the relevant tax laws before purchasing a property.

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Ways to Pay Property Taxes

The frequency of your property tax payments will differ depending on location. When it comes to paying property taxes, you generally have two options:

1. Include With Your Mortgage Payment

If you add your property taxes due to your mortgage payments, your lender will then remit these funds to the municipality on your behalf. This amount is then added to your monthly mortgage payment.

2. Pay Directly to the Municipality

Municipalities will generally provide you with your property tax bill through the mail and payment options can include paying by phone, online, or through the mail. You can also pre-authorize payments with the help of your bank.

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Canadian Property Tax Rates

Municipal and provincial governments collect property tax on different types of property to collect funds for public services. Each municipality and province will have its own tax formula and rates.

In Canada, all property taxes are based on two key factors:

  1. How much your property is worth (property assessment value)
  2. The residential rate.

The following table shows the property taxes for major cities in each Canadian province as of March 2022. (Source:

Provinces Residential Tax Rate Taxes for your home’s assessed value of $250,000 Taxes for your home’s assessed value of $500,000 Taxes for your home’s assessed value of $1,000,000
British Columbia
Vancouver 0.24683% $617 $1,234 $2,468
Kelowna 0.52605% $1,315 $2,630 $5,260
Victoria 0.52035% $1,301 $2,602 $5,204
Abbotsford 0.51300% $1,283 $2,565 $5,130
Calgary 0.63573% $1,589 $3,179 $6,357
Edmonton 0.86869% $2,172 $5,553 $8,687
Lethbridge 1.11067% $2,777 $5,553 $11,107
Toronto 0.599704% $1,589 $3,178 $6,355


Burlington 0.81519% $2,038 $4,076 $8,152
Ottawa 1.06841% $2,671 $5,342 $10,684
Mississauga 0.82348% $2,059 $4,117 $8,235
Waterloo 1.10785% $2,770 $5,539 $11,078
Kitchener 1.12975% $2,824 $5,649 $11,297
Hamilton 1.26196% $3,155 $6,310 $12,620
Guelph 1.17125% $2,928 $5,856 $11,713
London 1.35082% $3,377 $6,754 $13,508
New Brunswick
Saint John 1.78500% $4,463 $8,925 $17,850
Fredericton 1.42110% $3,553 $7,106 $14,211
Saskatoon 0.86562% $2,164 $4,328 $8,656
Regina 1.07445% $2,686 $5,372 $10,745
Montreal 0.76720% $1,918 $3,836 $7,672
Quebec City 0.87780% $2,195 $4,389 $8,778
Newfoundland & Labrador
St. John’s 0.73000% $1,825 $3,650 $7,300
Nova Scotia
Halifax 1.10850% $2,771 $5,542 $11,085
Winnipeg 1.24871% $3,122 $6,244 $12,487

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