We Are Doing Our Part to Keep Canadians Safe Against Covid-19

Property Tax Arrears Solutions

We’re Maintaining a High Level of Access & Support

We have implemented business continuity plans to ensure we can operate through these challenging times

Income Challenges

We are offering 1st, 2nds, & home equity loans with short terms to help clients overcome income challenges such as lay-offs & unemployment

Bad Credit Mortgages

We have extended approvals to cover credit scores as low as 400 to help get everyone back on track

Our Staff

Some members of our team are working at alternate offices/remote locations to help stop the spread of COVID-19

Convenience & Well Being

We’ve implemented safe-guards to make sure our clients can send, submit & sign documents from the comfort of their home

Adaptability & Safeguards

We are using state of the art signing technology like Singrafii and cyber security to protect our clients information

Law Firms

We have partnered with a number of lawyers who have been granted an exception to operate via virtual commissioning. This means you will not have to meet with a lawyer in person


Our lending partners are well capitalized and have adapted to meet your needs during this time. They are taking every precaution to keep funding mortgages

LendToday.ca has taken virtually every safeguard to make sure that your needs are met and that Canadians remain safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. LendToday.ca has been helping Canadians and we will continue to do so despite today’s challenges. Call us for more information or for a free consultation.