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why do you need an appraisal to refinance

Appraisal for Refinancing | Key Insights Explained

In 2020, historic low mortgage interest rates led to a 13.3% increase in mortgage renewals, amounting to $20 million in loans in Canada. Despite this opportunity, many individuals missed out on favorable rates. This trend continues today. Refinancing is a

A house key

Second Mortgages Explained: Understanding the Process

Securing a second mortgages without income proof or employment verification is more accessible than you might imagine. Facing financial constraints? Opting for a second mortgage could be the answer to ease your monetary worries. Although it might seem counterintuitive when

How Do You Get a Second Mortgage in Ontario?

How Do You Get a Second Mortgage in Ontario?

A homeowner who has built up equity over time can qualify for a second mortgage. This is a type of loan that uses your home as collateral. Like first mortgages, it has to be repaid and the terms are usually

Home Equity Line of Credit Bad Credit

Get a Home Equity Line of Credit With Bad Credit

If you have a history of bad credit, you may be wondering how you can access the equity in your home. After all, you’ve made the investment in your home, and you may want the flexibility that a home equity

Second Mortgage Bad Credit

How To Get a Second Mortgage With Bad Credit

Getting a second mortgage with bad credit is not as hard as you think. Like most people, many Canadians have anxiety about debts. If this sounds like you, there’s a good chance you may have bad credit. In Canada, “bad

Bad Credit Home Equity Loan

Get a Home Equity Loan with Bad Credit

A home equity loan with bad credit can help you unlock large amounts of capital that you can use to finance everything from home renovations to debt repayments. Typically, home equity loans are popular and more favorable because they have

bad credit mortgage

Bad Credit Mortgage in Canada: An In-depth Guide

If your credit is less-than-perfect, it’s not the end of the world and there are many options still available to you.  A bad credit mortgage in Canada gives you options you don’t have with traditional loans. If you’re looking to

Property Tax Arrears Solutions

Property Tax Arrears Solutions & Savings

Property tax arrears solutions are just a phone call away, so don’t risk losing your home. Banks and credit unions are known for turning down applications where the borrower is in property tax arrears. There are still options available to

Helpful renovation tips

Renovation Tips To Boost My Homes Value

Considering a refinance or home equity loan to complete home renovations. Renovation tips to boost my homes value are on the minds of many homeowners. Home A and B in the same neighborhood will not always hold the same value.

Mortgage Refinance To Fix Poor Credit

Home Equity To Consolidate Bills & Debts

Use your home equity to consolidate high-interest bills, debt, and more to have one monthly payment that can improve your financial health. By using your home equity to consolidate debt you can save on interest. If you often carry large