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Bad Credit Mortgage Options In Canada

There are many challenges Canadians face when looking for bad credit mortgage options in Canada. Everyone has a different financial fingerprint and monthly expenses vary for everyone. Suffering from bad credit does not necessarily mean that you will never become

Second Mortgages Using My Homes Equity

A Second Mortgage Using My Homes Equity

Borrowers can qualify for a second mortgage using their home’s equity and nothing else. Traditional mortgage lenders including your bank ask you to provide income to qualify for a second mortgage. Alternative 2nd mortgage lenders are not as worried about

Private Mortgage Lender in Oshawa

Private Mortgage Lenders in Oshawa

Private mortgage lenders in Oshawa could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Experience with private mortgage alternatives means that you get the financing you need to accomplish your goals. Qualifying for a traditional mortgage through a bank or credit

Home Equity Loan With Bad Credit

Home Equity Loan with Bad Credit

Home equity loans with bad credit are easier to get without high income or credit requirements. The equity in your home and how much you owe on your mortgage determine how much money you can borrow. A home equity loan

Missed Mortgage Payments - Help With Mortgage Arrears

Missed Mortgage Payments – Help With Mortgage Arrears

If you’ve missed mortgage payments and need help with mortgage arrears, act quickly. Lenders don’t take missed payments lightly and the costs associated can increase rapidly. The last thing anyone wants to do is miss payments on their mortgage or

Mortgage Refinance To Fix Poor Credit

Mortgage Refinance To Fix Poor Credit

A mortgage refinance to fix poor credit (bad credit score) can be challenging but it may still be possible. Credit requirements vary by lender and borrowed amount believe it or not. The less you borrow against the property the better

Mortgage Options For The Self-Employed

Mortgage Options For The Self-Employed

Mortgage options for the self-employed are not as easy as they once were in Ontario. Whether you an existing homeowner or looking to purchase your first home, being self-employed requires an experienced mortgage broker. Banks, credit unions, and larger traditional

A man discussing what is a pre-approval in mortgage

Mortgage Pre-approval & Affordability Simplified

Achieving mortgage pre-approval is vital in understanding the mortgage amount you qualify for. It’s akin to the anxiety of waiting for a crucial phone call, like from a doctor’s office. Instead of enduring mental stress or constant follow-ups, a pre-approval

mortgage amortization

How Does Amortization Change a Mortgage?

The amortization on a mortgage can change the amount of time to pay off the balance in full. Each mortgage payment you make helps to pay down the balance owing. The longer the amortization period the more time it takes